Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our pumpkins (both the kiddos and the vegetables!)

a day late...I know. But I didn't actually start carving my pumpkin (the cat) until last night around 5:30 or so. Tom did the skull and I think it turned out much better than my terrible photos (lol). The girls had a great time walking the neighborhood with daddy while I stayed home passing out candy. I was a little disappointed - we really didn't have that many kids this year and now I have a ton of candy laying around. I think one reason for the slow night last night was that there was a home invasion (at gun point) yesterday afternoon in our neighborhood. There was also something else going on at our Super Target because when I went to get Lindsay from school, they were right in the middle of a lockdown. When I asked them why there was a lockdown, I was told that there was an incident at Target. Instantly I'm thinking...child abduction. A parent's worst nightmare. So of course for the rest of the day I was extra cautious and protective, especially noticing all the helicopters circling the area, and the slew of police cars crawling around the area. But on my way home, I pass one of the many streets in our neighborhood to see some news crews parked in front of a house. I see on the news that there was a home invasion at gunpoint. They took a tv and some money I believe - and left. Not like we live in a bad part of town or anything - scary that this stuff happens all around us.

So anyway - there may have been some parents going to grocery stores instead for their lame halloween thing. I tell ya - I went to two different Publix stores yesterday because they had been advertising their Halloween thing for the kids. They had big banners hung on the wall outside the store advertising a big Halloween event from 4-7pm. Like my day wasn't busy enough already - I dressed the kids in their costumes and went to one Publix. There was a bowl at the front with a few candies in it, a pile of Publix crayon boxes and a stack of coloring pages. Then we walked the store and got, get this....a free cookie! Yeah! Someone needs to remind them that I can get that any ol' day - without a costume. Then the deli area gave them a little hand shaped baggie of popped popcorn. That was it! So we went to the other Publix because I had been there earlier and saw them blowing up tons of black and orange balloons. Come to find out - they were for a customer order. In fact - this Publix was even worse. They did the popcorn and cookies and that was it. I couldn't believe it. And to make matters worse, it takes about 15-20 minutes just to get out of the parking lot on any given day. This area is really busy and a total mess...but I did it for the kids. aaaaargh! I was so frustrated by the time I got home. But the girls enjoyed their evening of trick-or-treating and today I have another sick child on my hands. Jess has a fever. She's sick again for the 2nd time this month. We seem to just keep passing it around. Here are a few pics of the girls. Not the best photos - but I was in a hurry to snap a couple shots before they ran out the door. Lindsay was a cheerleader (from High School Musical) and Jess was a forest fairy. I had some fiber optic barrettes that I clipped in their hair - kinda cheesy, but they loved them and HAD to wear them out in the dark.


Jacqueline said...

Great pumpkins, and beautiful girls!

Carolyn said...

Amazing pumpkins, super pic's of them too. Sorry to hear about the "store" venture. I hope the girls weren't too disappointed, and made up for it through the neighborhood. I have to say it was a little scary reading about what had happened earlier in the day, hope they catch those home invaders. Tell the girls they look adorable in their costumes.

Sandy said...

Fantastic pumpkins! I didn't even bother this year - pretty sad huh? My boys are 11,12, and 13 and had no desire to go trick or treating. I miss making their costumes and taking them out.
Sounds like you had one heck of a day! Terrible to hear that something like that happens right in your own neighborhood huh?
Hope your little one feels better soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sandy :)

Cheryl said... & WOW. How scary! I can't believe things like that are happening in your area. Guess we aren't safe anywhere. How sad.
The girls are adorable as always! My DS decided he is to old to go out & then he was with his dad anyway. I think at the last minute he wanted to go trick or treating but his dad didn't do anything because he wasn't dressed up (I think it's more cause he's to lazy to go out with him but I digress)

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!

Rita said...

Scary stuff with the home invasion Cami -- it's such a crazy world!

The girls look adorable (of course!) What a drag about the Publix stores -- talk about false advertising, eh? And I think you guys did a great job on your pumpkins!

Nicole said...

Aw Cami the girls look adorable and our pumpkins turned out so awesome - spooky!!

I so sympathize with your whole store venture. It's kind of like that around here. We happned to be in Wal-Mart the night they had trick-or-treat and I was actually surprised to see how many people showed up with their children to take them through wal-mart for trick-or-treating. I figured there must be something great be giving -good candy or lots of it or something but I noticed the only thing that was going on were the cashiers standing with a bowl of candy handing out one piece to each child and it was like tootsie rolls...they have a store packed with candies and they could only hand out tootsie rolls??? Eh, maybe it's just me...but I thought it was a little disappointing.

Lisa D:) said...

Great pumpkins Cami! Adorable costumes and little girls!
I hope dd feels better soon. How scary about the home invasion. We had a major house fire across the street this past week -- very scary to witness.
I finally just peeked at your RP! Gorgeous!

Casey Rivas said...

Your girlies are so cute and those pumpkins are great!

btw, You've been tagged! :) Check out my blog for details.

kathie_d said...

Love your pumpkins...and the kids look fabulous! So sorry to hear of the home scary for you!