Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Little golfers, weekend mania, and scrap stuff

This is a long post...you ready?

A week ago, we went to Play It Again Sports and bought the girls some golf clubs. Tom has been taking them across the street to let them swing the clubs and learn how to hold the clubs etc. So I thought I'd share a couple photos...I admit I am a bit partial, but I just think they are so cute!

Since we're talking sports here I wanted to post some more pics of Lindsay from her tennis lessons.

We had a really full weekend this past weekend. Friday night Tom and I got the VERY RARE opportunity to go out on a date. We went to Bonefish Grill and had the most delicious meal. Of course there was a 50 minute wait, but it was well worth it. The weather was beautiful and we were able to score a seat outside while we were waiting. I ordered a glass of wine and we sat and had a wonderful conversation for the duration of our wait. After we were seated, we ordered some bacon wrapped scallops topped with a mango salsa chutney- and I'm telling you...they were the best scallops I have EVER had. There are only 4 in an appetizer so I was teased with only 2 of them. But then the meal. WOW. Chilean Sea Bass topped off Oscar style. oh me oh my...to die for I tell you. We splurged on a bottle of Reserve Cabernet - don't even remember which vineyard it was but we don't typically spend that much on a bottle of wine. Again, well worth it. All in all - an amazing dinner with my wonderful hubby. :) And if we can keep the kids well (Lindsay started throwing up again this morning...7 times in about an hour) then we're going on another date this Friday. woohoo! 2 times in 8 days? What's up with that? Whatever it is, I'm loving it!
Then on Saturday we decided to go to Carmax and start looking around - since our lease is up in a week or so. I had done my homework and knew all about the cars I was interested in. It only took about 30-40 minutes to pick the vehicle I wanted and only another hour or so after that to finalize the deal. Love Carmax for that. No haggling. To top it off, the vehicle I wanted (a Ford Explorer) was basically brand new. It is a 2006, but only had 6,400 miles on it. Sweet! I'm all for letting someone else take the hit on the depreciation by taking it off the lot the first time. It's a 4x4 - which wasn't on my list, but Tom still talks of having a boat and this vehicle is equipped to handle a boat. Personally, I think boats are just big money pits - but it is something that Tom dreams of having, and who am I to keep him from his dream. He works very hard and definitely deserves it. Anyhoo - so today we had the inspection on my leased vehicle, and the guy tells me that it passed with no problems aside from normal wear and tear on the tires and a little scuff somewhere. He mentions that the headsets and remote for the DVD are missing. I'm like...WHAT? It is supposed to come with the headsets and remote? How come I never knew that? I kindly told him that the dealer never gave them to us - and how I wish I'd had them so I didn't send my back into spasms every time I tried to bend backwards to operate the thing at red lights.

On to a few scrap related items:

I wanted to congratulate the new Creative Team members at Heart In Hand Scraps.
* Raechelle Bellus

* Heather Mellstrom

* Christi Snow

* Lynda Lindley
Congrats ladies!!! Your work is amazing and inspiring!
Totally looking forward to seeing what they do with the classes! Stop by if you get the chance and check out the forums. It is an amazing place full of good people

There is a new blog challenge on the Rusty Pickle Blog. Check it out and maybe win yourself some Rusty Pickle loot!

Come check out iScrap.net If you already have a NSA membership - just use that to log in. I will be hosting a Rusty Pickle challenge there this month, and then at the beginning of the year we will be having an online crop. I would LOVE to see you there. Oh, by the way, there are current contests posted there. Wanna win PSE 5.0? or how about a digital camera? Come by and check it out.


Chris Is Social said...

My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office. Google Alerts notified me of your blog posting mentioning CarMax. I love to read blogs from happy customers! Thanks for the kind words and best wishes to you and your new-to-you explorer!

Carolyn said...

Oh Cami...I love the girls photo's of them playing golf & tennis. Of course I hope you let me know if they go pro in either of these sports. Their stance & swings are looking pretty positive.

Congrats on the vehicle, you'll love it, comfy ride they are, and look you even got a message from Chris. How cool is that. hee hee

Your dinner sounded wonderful, hope you have just as good time on this next date.. oh what is that, by the way? LOL

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great dinner and a wonderful night with DH. Girls are amazing as always. Can't wait to see you and the new ride.

Heather Mellstrom said...

Thanks for the sweet comments Cami ;)!! I look forward to creating with Heart in Hand- Your classes are wonderful! And love your RP creations (as usual)..

Happy Holidays!

Rita said...

Love the sporty pics of the girls -- gosh Cami, Lindsay is getting big!

Your date night sounds wonderful -- hope Lindsay is feeling better and you will get another date night this week.

Have fun with your new car!!! ((HUGS))

Melissa said...

Hi Cami!
Don't you just love BoneFish? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place... Before moving to NPR, on special occasions I would order out there and YUM! Love their stuff... The scallops are to die for... the crab cakes are the BEST I've ever had and if you like spicy food.. the Bang Bang Shrimp are DELISH!
It's always an hour wait in St Pete... and they have some rockin' mixed drinks.

Super photos of the girls..
I'll need to check ou Heart in Hand Scraps... I know R Bellus is super creative! Love her stuff.

Oh and Congrats on the new car!
Very cool that they track posts about the Company!

casey rivas said...

hey girly! love the photos of the girls.. they're too stinkin' cute! how did i not realize you were at iscrap? i will have to look you up!