Tuesday, December 18, 2007

almost time for winter break!... and new music

Gotta say, I am really looking forward to winter break. No more getting up earlier that my body wants to (ok, that might still happen when the girls come in to wake me up for breakfast!), no more packing lunches, drop-offs, pick-ups, waiting by the front window for the bus, working on homework (and having to hear the whining that goes along with that)....aaaahhhh, I close my eyes and can picture a couple weeks without all that. Can't wait! ...and in a few weeks I'll be saying, isn't it time for you girls to go back to school yet? lol. I love having them home, don't get me wrong, but they are at the age where they are loud and rowdy. I'll be looking for that 3 hours of quiet time each morning.

I am - I think - ready for Christmas. However, our tree has decided not to work. We have one of those trees that is pre-lit with like 800 lights and it turns slowly which makes the lights twinkle. We've had it for a few years - and this year, it lasted for 2 weeks after turkey day and poof. Now it won't work. This after we spent several hours and several trips to the store to buy different replacement bulbs - replacing about 40 bulbs and testing over 100. bummer. Guess I'll be at the stores early on the 26th to get in on the Christmas tree sales. Tom and I are planning to take the girls to see Santa tomorrow. I don't have any Christmas dresses for them so we may have to make do with what's hanging in the closet. Last year I did a big photo shoot in their pretty dresses and I still love those pictures. Some of my faves, for sure. We'll see, maybe I'll snap a few before we leave the house.

Oh - one more thing. My neice has turned me on to a new band. They are called Roe. Sample their music at iTunes. They probably don't want to be compared to other bands - but I'm gonna do it anyway, simply because without it, if you haven't heard them yet, what makes you want to take a listen? That's how I am anyway. I come across a ton on new stuff on iTunes but because of the sheer volume of available music on there, a lot of the new music gets skipped over. Sad but true. Anyhoo - they have a similar sound to The Fray. I happen to enjoy The Fray's music, so I was instantly intrigued. I bought the album Frame by Frame (just released Nov. 3rd) at iTunes and was not disappointed. Check them out...

Thanks to those that have left posts and emailed me about our health. :) you guys are so sweet. Lindsay is better, but Jess is still coughing a little at night. I'm better except for an annoying feeling of something stuck in my throat. I bought some Mucinex (regardless of what the dr. said) to see if that will get rid of it. It does go away at times, but it's always worse in the evening. I don't have a cough or anything so I'm not real sure what's going on, but I tell you - it is most definitely annoying!!!

alrighty - it's time for me to get some sleep.


Rita said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy the holidays!! ((hugs))

Jean Marie said...

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Holiday and hopes that the New Year will find you all feeling better soon!!
Look forward to a New Year of creations from you!!Merry Christmas!! :)

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Mary Jo said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Dawn W said...

MErry MErry Christmas Cami....hope yours was wonderful!

Sandy said...

Hi Cami,
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!
Great to hear that you are all on the mend. We've had the coughing thing going on for months now too and have found a new cough syrup - Delsym to work pretty well.

Enjoy the last weekend in 2007 and have a very BLESSED and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sandy :)

Christi Snow said...

Cami, I had to stop and comment that I am missing your blogging...I hope that everything is okay with you guys... smiles!