Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the saga continues...

So Jess is responding to the 2nd round of medication now and feeling better. But when Lindsay got off the bus today she was in tears because of a headache. She came home, laid down on the couch and slept up until about 6pm. Yep, she has a low grade fever (just under 101) and it's looking like she may be home from school tomorrow. :(

On a happier note, I received my Scrapbook Dimensions Monthly Planner in the mail yesterday and so enjoyed flipping through the pages. Lots of great inspiration in there as well as challenges. I was a little anxious to flip through it and the clip binder popped open and I had pages fly. I suppose I should've been a bit gentler with it...oopsie! I got it all back together though.

And as I sit here listening to Katie Couric tonight - I hear there's another toy recall. One that affects my family again. Aqua Dots have been a big hit among younger kids and apparently, if swallowed, the dots can release a chemical that turns into the date rape drug and can cause seizures or induce a coma. Yikes! My Aqua Dots are going bye-bye.

I have 2 layouts done and just waiting to be scanned. Hope to have them posted on my blog by tomorrow afternoon! I've gotten too comfortable with my laptop here in the Family Room. So to scan them, that requires me to move myself back into my scraproom. This oversized chair is soooo much more comfy than my computer/desk chair. I think when we move next spring, I'm going to opt for a loveseat or oversized chair in my scraproom. :)


Christi Snow said...

Cami, huge (((hugs))) for you and your girls. :( I can't wait to see your new layouts... smiles!

Rita said...

I am SO sorry your girls have been sick. Poor Lindsay in particular -- it sounds like it just won't leave her alone! I hope they are both on the mend today.

Isn't the toy recall for Aqua Dots scary? My goodness -- what's next?

Mary Jo said...

All of these toy recalls are just frustrating!
It makes you wonder what else we shouldn't be letting our children have!