Friday, September 07, 2007

New projects and new photos of my sweet Jess

Okie dokie, more projects. This first one was made with new Rusty Pickle Addam's Family papers, stickers, cardstock coupons, and some Princess Bride trims. Oh, and the lil chubby chipboard alphas I covered with papers, sanded - then added Glossy Accents to them. This was so much fun to make - I love creating stuff like this.

I must let you know that I'm having computer issues AGAIN and I just got my computer back tonight with a new motherboard. My iPod still won't show up and all my contacts are mysteriously gone, but other than that - things seem to be working ok (hardware-wise that is!). And what is it with blogger these days...when I upload photos it gives me the code - and when I upload a bunch of photos, it makes it so difficult to move them around. argh! frustration setting in...

This has been another busy week...bear with me. For all my friends that I've totally been neglecting, it isn't by choice - I promise you. I miss you all very much, and I owe Kara a huge birthday wish since I failed to touch base with her on her birthday (I'm soooo sorry sweetie!!) I think I owe Cheryl a birthday wish as well...anyone else? My dad's birthday is in a few days, and my 12th anniversary is on Sunday! :) Love you honey!! Also, I will not be around next Thursday-Sunday as I will be at the Rusty Pickle Chef retreat. I can't tell you how excited I am about that!!!

Tonight I leave you with some photos from my photo shoot with Jess this afternoon.


Sandy McTier said...

Have missed your posts! LOVE the new projects and the pictures of your precious girl - OMGoodness - she should so be a Ralph Lauren kids clothing model!!! TOO CUTE.

Hope you have a happy anniversary on Sunday!

Sandy :)

Cheryl said...

Yes, you owe me a Birthday wish but it's ok..I'm glad to see you are busy and happy and having a wonderful time with the Pickle and your family. We'll see each other & catch up soon!!!

Jess is breathtaking!

Happy Anniversary. Today is my 6 month anniversary!

Hugs to my friend!


Rita said...

Happy Anniversary Cami -- hope it was wonderful! Love your Halloween projects and of course, I adore your pics of Jess -- she is so beautiful!

Shalini said...

I really like those projects but the photographs are them.
Its good to see you back to blogging world.

Laura said...

Oh My Gosh! I love these pictures! are talented! Could she possible get any more beautiful!? Gorgeous!

deb said...

She's just darling. Gorgeous work too on the photography. I'd love to feature these photos on my blog (and will completely understand if you decide against it.) :) Come visit to see our letters and e-mail me if you're interested.

Loove the Halloween projects especially the tree.

Mary said...

Oh goodness, those photos are just too precious!!!!!!

And the Hallooween Tree is so CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cami these photos are amazing!!! She is so beautiful and there is such a nice dreamy feel about the pictures - beautiful work!!